The Sound of Mother Earth

Survive. This arena to conquer. Survive. Fill yourself with determinations, it's okay to explode me whatsoever. You have to survive, that's what you should do by living on my soil. You have to survive, I won't let you slip from my grips.


Stofnar Falla

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Louise Michel: Why I am an Anarchist (1896)

Robert Graham's Anarchism Weblog

Louise Michel

The recent death of Ursula Le Guin reminded me of Louise Michel (1830-1905), the French revolutionary anarchist. For one thing, Michel wrote some anarchist science fiction herself in the 1880s, The Human Microbes(1887) and The New World(1888), sharing some similarities with Le Guin’sThe Dispossessed. The New World features a utopian anarchist community in the arctic, an environment equally as inhospitable as the desert moon, Anarres, in The Dispossessed, from which the anarchists aim to migrate into space. Michel also reminds me a bit of Odo, the anarchist feminist sage who inspired the anarchists on Anarres. But Louis Michel, in contrast to Odo, was no pacifist. In this article from 1896, Michel explains why she is an anarchist, and refers to her coming to an anarchist position on her voyage to the French penal colony in New Caledonia after the fall of the…

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Nationalism and India – Michael Grieg (1942)

The Coming Anarchy

Michael Grieg

Why? August-September 1942

There can be no real solution of the Indian problem, as far as the day-to-day life of the Indian masses is concerned, so long as the struggle against imperialism remains a struggle for national independence. Many are dying in the smouldering strife now gripping India, dying bravely, attacked by the lathis and bayonets of British troops. Our sympathies are with them. But when the tear gas smoke clears, should the Hindu struggle continue along its present lines, no worth while goal will be in sight. The hard and brutal fight of the Indian people for human dignity and a decent life will still have to be fought.
The British imperialists will never get out of India unless driven out. The sight of their empire tottering has made them imbecile. They indulge in rosy vision of Indian progress during era of British domination. (If you have…

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caregiving is hard for me . . . . .

Fighting Alzheimer's

Being a caregiver is hard, really hard, but I’ve been here. I get up, get dressed up and show up for work everyday, over two years now. Other family has allowed me to go off, get rest, and sharpen the saw, so to speak ten percent of that time, I asked, they said yes.

There’s two major reasons it has been hard, two important ones. The first one has been watching the changes in my mom’s life and the second one has been feeling, breathing, and living the changes in mine.

It’s tough watching someone you love, someone that you have always seen handle their own life, not be able to do that as well anymore. Mom doesn’t think someone needs to be with her all the time, I do. She will be ninety years old in October and her short-term memory gives her trouble, she has fell a few…

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"... maka sudah seharusnya seorang laki-laki bertanggungjawab akan wanitanya. Maka sudah seharusnya wanita menjaga sikapnya. Maka sudah seharusnya wanita menjadi seorang anggun nan patuh terhadap prianya." Jika kau mau mengatakan hal seperti itu di hadapanku, maka akan kulayangkan kepalan tanganku tepat ke arah mukamu. Lagipula aku hanyalah seorang submisif, kau bisa menaklukkan aku di ranjang … Continue reading Kekerasan

Vedas on Consciousness

Ramani's blog

Recently a friend of mine, who is a leading Neuro-physician. with whom I was conversing, the topic of Consciousness came up.

Medically speaking Coma is a State where one loses the Cognitive ability, as observed by the others.

Essential bodily functions take place.

Being Consciousness and Bliss.Image.jpg Sat Chit Anandam

‘A coma is a prolonged state of unconsciousness. During a coma, a person is unresponsive to his or her environment. The person is alive and looks like he or she is sleeping. However, unlike in a deep sleep, the person cannot be awakened by any stimulation, including pain.'(webmd)

Herein lies the issue.

One notices consciousness, like air  only when it is absent.

Some questions.

Is Life Consciousness?

If so, medically speaking when one is in Coma,when one’s consciousness is absent, he is said be alive;then what is Life?

One is not aware of consciousness while in deep sleep, or even during the Dreaming State.

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